In France the scarf is a Fashion accessory





How do I know?

well I m French lol and I used to carry my babies, and  I made hundreds of scarfs, for fun , for friends and for clients.

In Paris you need to get a scarf to match any outfit.


same with baby outfit

Okay, okay, I do not live in France anymore, but I m sure you can find them almost anywhere

why a scarf? and not a classic baby carrier?

 Well.... ask your Back


The newborn has a perfect position it's a ''real'' skin to skin, he is not in a bag, but In direct contact with you.

there is a lot of different ways to tie and wrap, your scarf.

you can easily carry a 3 year old child.

I find the wrap very easy to use, in part because of
it’s versatility

It's so easy to breastfeed your baby,you can walk in a street nobody would think you are nursing.

Please check this website: Wrap your baby